Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to IT Project Starting Blocks

Welcome to Stop Blaming the Software - Corporate Profiling for IT Project success.

IT Profiling is a simple yet comprehensive process that delivers an in-depth blueprint of the organization, its people, its process, its customers and their relationships.

This is the first step to undertaking an IT implementation.

Only after an Organizational Profile has been established should the company even contemplate investing its hard earned IT budget.

Only then will you know that the investment decision is based upon comprehensive accurate organizational information from the appropriate sources.

Profiling identifies where the interlinked relationships occur within the organization and its immediate external value chain. Profiling also identifies any common or causal factors between corporate, business and IT and more significantly it elucidates hidden or not so obvious factors that would normally be over looked.

In order for comprehensive Profiling to be undertaken there must be a common objective between the three business components and a level of executive support and cohesion that will drive tri-directional communication channels throughout the business components.

Since each component contributes to the development of the organization’s operational, management and implementation processes, they are the key identifiers to profiling the Organization, the enablers of a successful IT Project and ultimately the "sustainers" for future IT change.